Xinjiang: Going Places, Getting Nowhere… A dirty white pick-up truck pulls over. The fat, moustachioed man in the driver’s seat leans out of the window with the beginnings of a grin.

Stockholm: Multiculturalism, The Swedish Democrats… There is something youthful about him, despite his dark suit and serious, angular face. He’s a little nervous. This is the first interview he’s given in English, but as soon as he starts speaking he seems to grow a few years older.

Sicily: In the Footprints of The Leopard… Sequestered amongst the parched patchwork of Sicily’s barren interior, Bisacquino is the sort of village that can only be stumbled upon.

Malmo, Sweden: Fishing on the Øresund: A Dilemma... Full disclosure: I am a vegetarian. Or was – not because I am squeamish, or because I subscribe to some mawkish anthropomorphism, but because I thought long and hard about it… That’s why it’s surprising, come early June, that I’m excavating the cruel barb of a fishing hook from the silver-white belly of a cod fish. (7th June 2017)

Copenhagen: Hygge Revisited, Cozy in Copenhagen…[disclaimer: This is a reposting of an old article, originally published in 2015. This was before we reached ‘peak-hygge’ in the UK circa late 2016. While London might be sick of hygge backed attempts to sell pumpkin-spiced latte scented candles, it’s worth bearing in mind that you can no more reach peak-hygge in Copenhagen, than you can reach peak-barbeque in North Carolina.] (7th June 2017)